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April 1963

(Continued from March 1963)

FANTASTIC FOUR 13  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Don Heck   (w/ Al Hartley)
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TALES TO ASTONISH 42  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
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JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 91  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
from the GCD: "Synopsis: Loki gives a greedy carnival mystic magical powers in order to use him to attack Thor. Thor is overcome in their first battle, but with the help of Odin and his belt of strength he defeats Loki's pawn."

Although the initial rotation of sci-fi, cold war & Asgard has been jettisoned, Loki once again returns 3 issues after his last appearance. This guy just can't stop messing with his foster brother, using dupes to carry out his schemes by granting them magic powers (a long-running theme in the series).

This is the 1st of 5 episodes illustrated by JOE SINNOTT, who did full art. Robert Bernstein replaces Larry Lieber on dialogue (as he ALSO did this same month on IRON MAN!). Legend has it JACK KIRBY was really the one supplying Bernstein with the stories, not the "editor" (as listed fradulantly in the credits & pay stubs). The only question is, did Kirby pass on the stories direct to Bernstein, or THRU said "editor"? If the latter, it becomes easy to see how eventually CUTTING OUT a second writer from the process smoothed the production line (so to speak). Kirby & Ayers continue to do their usual wonderful work on the covers.

TALES OF SUSPENSE 40  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Don Heck
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(Continued in May 1963)

All Text (C) Henry R. Kujawa
Artwork (C) Marvel Comics
Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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