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July 1963

(Continued from June 1963)

TALES TO ASTONISH 45  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
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FANTASTIC FOUR 16  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
Review  (coming soon)

Spider-Man's NUMBER ONE ARCH ENEMY makes his debut RIGHT HERE!!!  Don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. We're talking dangerously criminally INSANE here, people.

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 94  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
from the GCD: "Synopsis: Loki uses his magic to cause Thor's hammer to hit his head, turning him evil. Thor frees Loki, and the two terrorize Earth until the other Asgardians arrange for another blow to the head to reverse the change."

The above story description reminds me of the scene in SUPERMAN III where Supes turns evil, and when he finds a woman on top of the Statue of Liberty who appears to be committing suicide, he says to her, "I hope you don't expect me to save you because I don't DO that sort of thing anymore."

After one month off, JOE SINNOTT returns on full art, his 3rd of 5 episodes. Jack Kirby (undoubtedly!) supplies the story, Robert Bernstein the dialogue. Loki is increasingly becoming a regular in this feature, having appeared in 5 out of the first 12 episodes so far.

Among other things, this month, Jack Kirby did his 3rd (of 3) episodes of full pencils on IRON MAN in TALES OF SUSPENSE #43-- "Kala, Queen of the Netherworld". He also did SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS #2, "Seven Doomed Men!" Incredibly, he was gonna get EVEN busier in just another 2 months!!

TALES OF SUSPENSE 43  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
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STRANGE TALES 110  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
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(Continued in August 1963)

All Text (C) Henry R. Kujawa
Artwork (C) Marvel Comics
Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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