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August 1964

(Continued from July 1964)

FANTASTIC FOUR 29  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone
One of the most classic stories in the entire run of the book!!! The Red Ghost & his Super-Apes return for a rematch, and nearly FINISH our heroes!!! Also, The Watcher puts in a brief appearance as well. JACK KIRBY supplies story & art, his "editor" does dialogue while CHIC STONE does inks. This was one of the stories adapted by Alex Toth for the 1967 F.F. cartoon show, and just about the only thing altered was the ending... which, if memory serves, was improved for the tv version. (Hey, it happens!)

TALES TO ASTONISH 58  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Jack Kirby supplies the villain, DICK AYERS does the story & art, the "editor" does the dialogue, and Paul Reinman does the inks. GIANT-MAN & WASP fight on!

And, in the back, THE WASP has her 2nd solo story, "THE MAGICIAN AND THE MAIDEN", in which the lamoid baddie from TTA #56 (2 months ago!!) has the NERVE (or is it stupidity) to come back for a rematch. And just to show how 3rd-rate he is, he doesn't even try to take on GIANT-MAN this time-- no! Only his partner! LARRY LIEBER flies solo, doing story, full art & dialogue (although his rat-faced brother CONTINUES to steal credit & pay for the story end of things).

Review  (coming soon)

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 107  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone
from the GCD: "Synopsis: A scientist accidentally gains the power to turn himself into living stone, and to turn others into stone statues. He comes to New York to attack Thor, hoping to gain the secret of immortality. As Don Blake, Thor tricks him into falling into the river, and his stone body sinks to the bottom."

JACK KIRBY supplies story & art, and introduces yet another long-running villain who would wind up making countless appearances over the years. Ye "editor" does dialogue, while CHIC STONE continues with inks. WOW!

from the GCD: "Synopsis: Loki forces the Norn Queen to tell him of Balder's weakness to mistletoe and tries to kill him with a mistletoe dart, but the Norn Queen herself stops him."

JACK KIRBY does story & art, while introducing yet another long-running villain (who, oddly enough, is NOT named in this story-- but it's Karnilla, the Norn Queen). Ye "editor" does dialogue, while Vince Colletta does inks.

STRANGE TALES 123  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Jack Kirby comes up with ANOTHER long-running baddie from his inexhaustible supply of ideas. Incredibly, CARL BURGOS, the creator of the ORIGINAL Human Torch steps in and does both story & art on this one. Ye editor does dialogue (while stealing credit & pay for the story) while Dick Ayers takes it easy this month and just supplies the inks. This was Burgos' ONLY turn on JOHNNY STORM, although a few months later he took on GIANT-MAN & THE WASP for 3 episodes. Allegedly, he got VERY pissed off at the way Martin Goodman STOLE his character (I guess HE didn't have any kind of contract with that GANGSTER, either), and actually wound up doing the "new" CAPTAIN MARVEL for Myron Fass Productions (something that really got Goodman twisted in an angry knot).

Meanwhile, in the back, DR. STRANGE tackles "THE CHALLENGE OF LOKI!" STEVE DITKO does story & full art, while ye "editor" does dialogue. THOR has a cameo in this one, as Loki tries to con Doc into thinking he's the good guy, and THOR is the baddie. That doesn't go too well... and a SEQUEL turns up only the following month!!

TALES OF SUSPENSE 56  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
Jack Kirby comes up with yet ANOTHER baddie who went on to a long, long career for IRON MAN to face. DON HECK does story & full art, while the "editor" does dialogue as usual.

THE AVENGERS 7  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone
In a direct sequel to the previous issue, Baron Zemo strikes again. But all 3 of his partners are out of commission, and the attack comes when-- get THIS!!-- Odin banishes The Enchantress & The Executioner from Asgard for their misdeeds in JIM #103 (4 months earlier). They wind up hooking up with Zemo, who wants revenge, as does The Executioner, while The Enchantress mostly thinks that, now on Earth, she'll be closer to where Thor is, so, maybe...

The story actually begins with a tie-in to SUSPENSE #56, in which Iron Man was too busy to answer a call from the group, and so now a misconduct meeting is held. For failure to duty, he's "suspended" for one week. Just proves THOR is every bit as pompous as his father.

JACK KIRBY does story & art, hs "editor" does dialogue, and CHIC STONE continues on inks. WOW.

DAREDEVIL 3  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Vince Colletta
Review  (coming soon)

DICK AYERS does story & art, ye "editor" does dialogue and George Roussos does inks. I'm guessing this mission didn't work out too well.

(Continued in September 1964)

All Text (C) Henry R. Kujawa
Artwork (C) Marvel Comics
Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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