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December 1963

(Continued from November 1963)

FANTASTIC FOUR 21  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman
Review  (coming soon)

TALES TO ASTONISH 50  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Review  (coming soon)

Review  (coming soon)

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 99  /  cover by Jack Kirby & George Roussos
from the GCD: "Synopsis: Having been refused a job by Doctor Blake, Calvin Zabo becomes Mister Hyde and attacks the doctor. Meanwhile, Odin has agreed to let Thor marry Jane Foster if she proves worthy. After Mister Hyde learns that Blake survived ('saved' by Thor) it seems that Thor robs a bank, and the police issue a warrant for his arrest."

JACK KIRBY introduces another long-running villain for the burgeoning Marvel Universe. In this case, oddly enough, he would spend a good part of his criminal career teamed up with the previous THOR villain, The Cobra. This marks the first 2-parter in the THOR series.

DON HECK supplies full art, Stan Lee does dialogue (and takes credit and pay for the characters, the story, etc.-- what a slimeball).

from the GCD: "Synopsis: The Trolls ally with Surtur against Asgard, but Odin conquers them. Surtur travels to Earth to destroy it, but again Odin defeats him and traps him in the center of the planet. Their battle creates the moon and starts the rotation of the Earth."

JACK KIRBY supplies the 3rd "Tales Of Asgard" installment. While Stan Lee did the dialogue, there's some dispute as to who did the inks. No one's listed in the comic-- Bob Bailey at the GCD says it's George Roussos. But looking over my Masterworks reprint-- where, I admit, it's a bit hard to tell-- the lines reminds me a LOT of Kirby's early-50's stuff. So, Jack Kirby could have done the inks himself on this one. Anyone here care to field this one?

Also for Dec'63: FANTASTIC FOUR #21 has "The Hate Monger!", which features not only the first modern-day appearance of C.I.A. Colonel NICK FURY (my single favorite Jack Kirby character), but also the first modern-day appearance of Adolph Hitler-- or one of his clones. TALES TO ASTONISH #50 has "The Human Top", the first 2-part GIANT-MAN & WASP story, which introduces one of the most annoying-as-hell villains they ever faced, with art by Kirby & Ditko. TALES OF SUSPENSE #48 has "The Mysterious Mr. Doll" (notice how Lee keeps OVER-USING the word "mysterious" in story titles??), with Steve Ditko apparently using a new Jack Kirby villain (whose name was changed at the last minute due to objections from the Comics Code).

For Kirby, this was a relatively "off" month. But I'm sure he didn't notice-- he must have been knocking out stuff day after day, week after week, like crazy, in order to keep up with the INSANE schedule heaped upon him by his glory-mongering "editor".

If ever there was a single creator whose family deserved to be rewarded with riches for his efforts...

STRANGE TALES 115  /  cover by Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko
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TALES OF SUSPENSE 48  /  cover by Jack Kirby & So Brodsky
Review  (coming soon)

(Continued in January 1964)

All Text (C) Henry R. Kujawa
Artwork (C) Marvel Comics
Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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